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Creative Packaging Designs

Winning the creativity war…..

Is creativity in the eye of the beholder?

There can be any number of reasons why packaging is perceived as creative. From the environmental credentials of a company, to a no frills approach that suggests simplicity; well thought out concepts in packaging will earn a product a visual identity that is sure to boost sales. The evolution of packaging has had to keep up with changing trends and has consequently become more sophisticated in design and materials used. We take a walk in the shoes of three creative brands...
Battling Plastics with Pledges

Can companies really balance food standards, shelf life and cost against sustainability?

Pledges are aplenty, but will companies meet their own targets?

Each day we listen to the news and engage with social media and it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the ‘plastics issue’ has become a hot topic. Many companies have already begun making moves towards reducing waste by introducing circular packaging. One such company is Kraft Heinz, US based food and beverage giant. Kraft have already taken steps to reduce...
Brexit Proof Planning

How Brexit proof is your planning with only 67 days to go?

Allpack® reveals plans to minimise customer disruption to supplies and services.

It’s like a countdown to New Year….only Brexit carries with it promises of uncertainty, rather than jubilation and resolutions for many companies. Political discord between the EU and the UK and inter party squabbling, possible no deals and shows of no confidence, have left the business community reeling, unclear on what they should do next….that is if they haven’t planned for every...
If you go down to the supermarket today….

How strongly are supermarkets linked to the products entering the marketplace?

Visually appealing packaging equals saleability for stores.

Next time you visit your local supermarket, be sure to open your eyes to the relationship that exists between store and packaging. It is after all the quality of the packaging, the design work and the branding that makes the front house, artful displays possible. What packaging companies deliver to the consumer, via supermarkets, can not be extricated, ignored or even separated. In our latest blog we explore the science behin...

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