How to improve consumer satisfaction….

How well do you think your company’s attitudes reflect those of your customers?

I say ‘potato’, you say ‘patato’.

It’s our differences in perspective that make us all unique, but what if your professional viewpoint was way off point compared to that of your consumers? A 2016 study in the US explored the differences in attitudes between packaging industry professionals and their consumers. The results were both surprising and illuminating. >>  
The positives and negatives of Packaging Standardisation and Cost-cutting.

Do you want to save money?

Is slashing your packaging costs the answer?

Standardisation and cost-cutting doesn’t always mean slashing the money you spend on packaging, it can extend to procurement, materials and production. Having a cull may make you savings in the short term, but have you really thought about the impact to marketing, production and distribution? If your customer experience is important to you, then, you may want to read on.>>
Leading toy manufacturer to use bio-PET

How far along your sustainability journey are you?

Is plastic still on the packaging menu?

Our use of plastic has come under close scrutiny in recent months and consumers are looking towards manufacturers, retailers and online businesses to lead the way towards a plastic-free environment. One American multinational company has been reviewing their use of plastic in packaging for eight years. They were ranked No.3 in the Newsweek Green Ratings in 2017 and their journey towards sustainability has further to go.>>
Cosmetic Eco-designs.

Are you looking for a bespoke eco-friendly packaging design?

Can ethics win over luxury?

If you’re honest, does the packaging you use really reflect your societal commitment to the environment?
Luxury items are usually glossy, glitzy and visually appealing; they provide customers with a sensual assault on the senses, so can luxury really combine with ethical packaging and still have sensuality? One cosmetics company has proven their ethical packaging is ‘all that’ and yet so much more.>>
One-Brand Graphics

Can adopting ‘One Brand’ really unify a trademark?

Signature designs set to reach a worldwide market.

Iconic soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, decided to break with a 130 year tradition in 2016 and extend their visual identity. They recognised that packaging was their best asset; graphic designs could unify a brand by using a common language to reach consumers. Discover why and how they did it.>>

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