Crunch on top quality Munch

Chips or Crisps, they’re all the same...right?

Do millennials want more serious ‘chips’?

When you purchase a bag of tortilla chips, probably the last thing on your mind is the design on the packet; you’re looking for unique flavour explosions. So, what informs your decision to buy one pack of tortilla chips over the other? Do we look at the ingredients, how many calories, the weight, or are our choices being manipulated through packaging design?
Take a look at how one company, in the US, created eye...
Are you New Age or Traditional?
Are you New Age or Traditional?

The Top Five trends in Packaging being driven by Consumer Safety.

Where do you see packaging in the next five years? Do you think high-tech packaging is the way forwards or will it become a flash in the pan, gimmick, that was interesting for a while? New research by Smither Pira Research seems to suggest that the next five years in packaging will be revolutionary and present huge commercial opportunities for companies to achieve greater consumer interactions. Here’s what they see are the top five packaging trends being driven by ...
The Sky’s the Limit!

Forgotten flavour senses lead the way in packaging designs.

Sound, vision and touch.  

What if I were to tell you that when you taste the intense flavours of food or drink, there is much more going on than simply tasting a product? Research conducted by Oxford University revealed that how we experience food or drink can be determined by forgotten flavour senses: sound, vision and touch. Which means when it comes to food packaging, the sky's the limit!>>
Top Tips on Sourcing Suppliers

Who are you getting into bed with?

Follow Our Six Point Plan to Success!

When sourcing new suppliers of any packaging product, knowing exactly what you are looking for and who you are dealing with, can go a long way to forging a long standing working relationship. Preparation and research will take you so far along the path to success but only if you’re asking the correct questions. Our six point plan on how to secure more than just a good price should set you on the right path.>>  
Is Polystyrene Safe to Use?

Safety Concerns over Polystyrene explained.

Styrene and Polystyrene, which is safe?

Thanks to the 2011 and 2016 reports from US National Toxicology Program, Styrene has been labelled carcinogenic, based on limited human and animal research. What’s carcinogenic? In simple terms….a cancer causing toxic substance. Many consumers have been frightened off using Polystyrene because it contains Styrene but the two substances are NOT the same. But how many of us have confused Styrene with Polystyrene and simply stopped purchasing goods packed in polystyrene...

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