Uncertainty can taint the move over to greener solutions, due to possible cost implications but research has shown that brands that take on corporate responsibility for the planet, have in fact increased sales. Thus, eco-friendly packaging could boost sales, whilst setting an excellent example for other brands waiting to make the leap.

There is now an alternative that outperforms double walled boxes.


Single wall, 7% lighter, 40% extra storage, 30% less CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process

Linerless  labels

Supplied on a roll, they have no backing paper and have a release coating applied that prevents the labels from sticking to each other.


Paper tape is as strong as plastic tape, available in water activated gum or self-adhesive backed, that is both kind to the environment and versatile in use. Its made from Kraft paper which is biodegradable and compostable and can be recycled up to 7 times.


Paper envelopes

Biodegradable and recyclable; perfect for sending smaller items through the post. Represents excellent bump protection and value for money.

Paper bags

Polythene can be recycled but they require a different collection service. Paper mail bags are made from twin-ply Kraft paper, are heavy-duty and offer the perfect solution to bulky items. Unlike Polythene, paper bags don't need a different collection service.


Again, both biodegradable and recyclable, bookwraps are made from recycled cardboard and require no tape to secure. Talk to us about bespoke sizes if you require specific dimensions.  


Hexcelwrap ™ is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. Made from paper Hexcel's unique interlocking design means there’s no need for any adhesive tape and your products stay secure and damage free.

Crepe Kraft paper

Crepe Kraft paper is lightly coated with adhesive, which makes the paper soft and stretchy. Allowing it to wrap easily around all different shaped products and is 100% recyclable. 

Ecorap corrugated paper 

Ecorap™ corrugated paper roll is perfect for interweaving products and is lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly. 



Biofil™ biodegradable loosefill; an inexpensive loosefill that rivals polystyrene, without the negative impact on the environment. Lightweight, dust free and low static so perfect for electrical items. 


Variflex™ suspension packaging offers an alternative to voidfill products and other polystyrene products. The highly flexible tear free film adheres to the product keeping it securely in place, with the plastic counting as less then 5% of the total amount for the product. Meaning it can be recycled and the plastic skimmed off the top of the pulp.

Paper voidfill 

Our paper voidfill machines, create bulkier paper voidfill then conventional crumpled paper systems, whilst using less paper and offering better protection. 

GRIP film

Grip® film is a hand fim that automatically contracts to provide load stability. It is designed so less is more with up to 40% less material used. Minimising the packaging waste which goes to landfills.


Why is Sigmawrap™ eco-friendly?

50% less weight than conventional machine wrap and up to 400% more stretch. Meaning it does not use as much film as its competition and reduces the volume of waste generated.