Cosmetic Eco-designs.

Are you looking for a bespoke eco-friendly packaging design?

Can ethics win over luxury?

If you’re honest, does the packaging you use really reflect your societal commitment to the environment?
Luxury items are usually glossy, glitzy and visually appealing; they provide customers with a sensual assault on the senses, so can luxury really combine with ethical packaging and still have sensuality? One cosmetics company has proven their ethical packaging is ‘all that’ and yet so much more.>>
One-Brand Graphics

Can adopting ‘One Brand’ really unify a trademark?

Signature designs set to reach a worldwide market.

Iconic soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, decided to break with a 130 year tradition in 2016 and extend their visual identity. They recognised that packaging was their best asset; graphic designs could unify a brand by using a common language to reach consumers. Discover why and how they did it.>>
A Review of eCommerce Packaging 2018

Do you really know what it takes to optimise and improve your customer experience?

eCommerce Packaging and modern expectations.

On a scale of one to ten, how often do you review your packaging? Do you really understand modern attitudes and expectations? 21st Century customers aren’t shopping in the high streets. We live in a one-click shopping culture and competition for customers is high. If you want a piece of the online market check out allpack’s® latest white paper on eCommerce Packaging and have shoppers returning time and time again.>>
Plastic Free Environment

Plastic is not fantastic for the environment.

‘Waste not, want not’ and modern attitudes to plastic.

Studies show that plastic production has increased due to it’s cheap production and its overall versatility. So, how many of us truly strive to achieve a ‘waste not, want not’ attitude to packaging and products that we use on a daily basis? At allpack® our long tenure in the packaging business has seen many changes, but we would like to see more companies investing in a plastic free future and we’re the company with the expertise...
Standcap Blog

When was the last time you evaluated your packaging?

Increase your market share when you innovate.

Ask yourself honestly, what does your packaging say about your product? How is it performing against similar products? What is your current market share? If you think that your packaging could be improved or that your market share is smaller than your product deserves, then you may be on the lookout for innovative packaging. Customers desire packaging that is both eye-catching, fun and most of all convenient. So, if you could bottle all of that, you could incre...

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