How do you feel about RFID technology?

How could your supply chain be transformed by RFID technology?

What role can RFID play in packaging?

Over the last few years you won’t have failed to notice the rise in new technologies being used within the packaging industry. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a tag that contains stored information and according to a recent study conducted by Tetra Pak, it’s role is set to increase as the information it records is used to predict shopping behaviours and reveal the true impact packaging is having on the environment. Read on to...
Coca-Cola Commits to Sustainability

Does your company have a Sustainable Strategy?

Do you know how sustainable the products you use are?

How committed is your company to sustainable packaging? Multinational soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, laid out a commitment to sustainability, which many thought was unachievable. In fact the company has so far refilled or recovered 60% of the bottles and cans it has introduced into the marketplace; it’s goal by 2020 is 75%. We explore how they intend to go that extra mile to ‘ensure all packaging is as sustainable as possible’.>&g...
The way we shop has changed, how will this affect packaging?

Do products sold online still have to compete with shelf products?

What part does packaging pay in online purchasing?

A chair is a chair, whether it is purchased online or from a retail outlet, so how important is the information we receive in assisting our decision making? Do online retailers have to try twice as hard to gain our interest, compared to the physical experience you gain in stores? In our latest blog we explore the methods employed by online retailers to ‘draw us in’ and what impact, if any, there has been on the packaging ...
Refresh your branding

Why should you consider revitalising your brand?

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Sometimes even well known brands, sporting years of consumer support, can get stuck in a rut. We can apply an attitude of ‘If it’s not broken, why fix it?’ However, times change and consumer expectations evolve. What was once a winning formula, can soon become aged and tired. A new wave of consumers have arrived and companies need to keep up, or they will fall by the ...
What level of importance is placed on packaging in your company?

Is your packaging department being suppressed?

Six signs that packaging isn’t being taken seriously in your business.

The budget has been allocated across departments and for some reason packaging has less value than procurement and legal…..Why is that? The value of a tool like packaging can often be overlooked and remain unfulfilled. Packaging is so much more than ‘just a box’, so why is it being undervalued?>>

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